What to do in London this April

Start planning the upcoming days as April has many things to offer in London. As the flowers start to bloom and the sun shines, you’ll see that London is more than anything coming to life. Festivals, exhibitions and new activities won’t leave you with nothing to do.

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London Games Festival

From 9th to 25th April

If you love any forms of video games, this one's for you! The London Games Festival is known as the world’s biggest celebration of video games and puts the spotlight on the industry, the talents and various gameplay. This annual festival is, since 2022, a fully hybrid event so you’ll be able to enjoy it directly in person or from your screens, so that players all over the country can participate.

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London Coffee Festival

From 11th to 14th April

The London Coffee Festival is back in London as 250 artisan coffee roasters will display their knowledge and their best artisanal coffee in the Truman Brewery for a few days. Gourmet food brands, tastings, Coffee masters competition and great live music to make your day, you won’t see the day passing by! You’ll discover the secrets of coffee thanks to latte art demonstrations and talks by industry experts that will fuel your passion.

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Supertri E World Championship

13th April

This weekend a Triathlon powered by Zwift will take place in London for sport lovers. You will be able to head towards the London Aquatic Centre at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to see this revolutionary event that displays virtual races. It will also be the occasion to see some Olympians in action as the medallist Vicky Holland will be present and ready to perform. Click here if you want to find out more about the event!

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Hampton Court Palace Tulip Festival

From 15 April to 16 May

What better way to enjoy the longer days and the blooming flowers than the Hampton Court Palace Tulip Festival. Unless you’re allergic to pollen, this is the place to be if you dream to see 100,000 tulips all over the Royal Palace. If it doesn’t seem impressive enough yet, take a seat when you’ll know that this is the UK's biggest display of planted tulips, going over 60 acres of garden.

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The Last Caravaggio

From 18 April to 21 July

You may know the National Gallery by heart, but you probably haven’t seen the last known work of Michelangelo. Starting the 18th of April, discover the last works of the Italian painter for free. Check this link to find out more about this new exhibitions!

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London marathon

21st April

If you’re a big fan of sport or just a naturally supportive person, head straight to the London Marathon and support the runners during their 42.195km race, or prepare to run if you are one of the lucky ones to enter the marathon. This annual event will follow beautiful London’s landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge, now choose the best place for you to cheer the runners up.

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St George’s Day

21st April

If the London Marathon didn’t tire you out, display your best red and white t-shirts and hop to Trafalgar Square to celebrate the St George's Day Festival! This free and public event will hold various live entertainments such as dancing, music and more traditional entertainment like medieval jousting.

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Much Ado About Nothing

From 25 April to 24 August

The Globe Theater's long purpose to celebrate Shakespeare work strikes again as they will soon showcase their version of Much Ado About Nothing, to start the Summer season. You can find the tickets to this timeless play right here!

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Brew LDN

From 25 to 27 April

During spring, terraces are the place to be, but without beverages it can leave a bad taste in the mouth. So be sure to use your time wisely and take advantage of the Brew LDN festival to discover plenty of beverages, beers, cider, craft spirits, cocktails and even wine for those who aren’t into a can of ale. There’s a wide variety of flavors and a lot of street food to accompany the moment. And what would be the Uk’s largest and most diverse craft beer festival without live music.

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Brick Lane Jazz Festival

From 26 to 28 April

Whether you are a part of the Jazz community or interested in vibing to a new genre of music, the Brick Lane Jazz Festival will bring you vibrant moments across 10 music venues. Dance to various artists such as Ojerime and discover many more.

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by Clara Uveteau
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