"Everything was made for living a dream! A unique experience in Santorini!

Who hasn't dreamt of sleeping in a troglodyte hotel in Santorini (the claustrophobic perhaps)? Nestled in a limestone cave with a private pool and views of the sea and caldera, the cave is much more than just accommodation - it's a truly immersive experience.

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Sleeping in a cave? The idea sounds crazy, but yes, it is possible. These architectural jewels are often the former homes of fishermen who, to protect themselves from the elements, took refuge in caves that they gradually adapted to human life.

Since then, contemporary hotels have taken up this architectural model and built establishments with vaulted roofs, so that guests can enjoy the same experience and immerse themselves in the island's historic culture.

A guarantee of privacy

Santorini is a sort of staircase-shaped island, with a strong sense of privacy. Unlike other hotels, which offer little privacy with their overexposed terraces, the caves are bubbles secretly nestled in the stone, offering serenity and privacy.

Whether you're travelling as a couple on a romantic getaway or simply looking for a unique experience, the charm of Santorini's caves will leave no one indifferent.

Hotel or guest house?

There are several types of cave to stay in. Cave hotels, which offer all the services and amenities of a hotel and promise a carefree trip. Cave hotels have rooms carved out of stone to give the impression of sleeping in a cave.

Guest houses, which are more traditional and authentic, often have little or no architectural changes, consisting of small houses with their own limestone caves. They offer a more meaningful experience, as they are more firmly rooted in Santorini's cultural heritage. Warmer and more intimate, this option is for those who want a simpler but more unusual holiday.

Hotel Lava Caves in Santorini

Nestled in the heart of the caldera cliffs, this charming establishment offers a unique experience in luxurious troglodytic suites. With spectacular views of the Aegean Sea and Santorini's famous sunset from the private terrace.

Soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi (which is almost part of the room) while soaking up the romantic and soothing atmosphere of this peaceful haven. Offering an exclusive spa and delicious cuisine, this hotel is the perfect place to discover the magic of Santorini in a traditional cave.

Lava Caves - Santorini santorin

Lava Caves - Santorini

4-star troglodyte hotel located in Oia on the island of Santorini
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by Faustine PEREZ
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