Santorini's best spots to make your followers drool on insta

Welcome to the ultimate guide to making your followers completely jealous of your Instagram account! If you want to make all your friends drool with shots that scream "I'm living my best life and you're not", Santorini is the place to be. This Greek island paradise is packed with incredible spots that will transform your feed into a veritable explosion of colour and magnificence. Get ready for breathtaking sunsets, whitewashed houses that look like they've been lifted straight out of a postcard, and dreamy beaches. Let's take a virtual tour of Santorini's most Instagrammable spots!

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🔵 The Blue Domes of Oia

These rounded blue roofs are probably the image you have of Santorini, seen everywhere on the networks with the only variation being the person posing. The two identical domes are two churches, the higher one is called the Church of the Resurrection, while the one closer to the sea is called the Church of Saint Spyridon. The third dome, which stands out from the other two, is called the Bell of Fira. The dazzling blue rendition looks wonderful mid-morning, when the sun is at a certain level. Taking a photo in the evening also looks great, and allows you to vary the mood and lighting. Numerous balconies and staircases around the site allow you to take photos from different angles. On the other hand, access to the platform at the foot of the rooftops is quite difficult to find.

Practical information

📍 Location: you'll find these domes in Oia, precisely here

🅿️ Parking: plenty of spaces are available along the streets and there are several free car parks in Oia

🔴 Akrotiri's red beach

The red beach at Akrotiri is another of Santorini's must-see spots. Although it's very small, it's not sunbathing that interests us anyway, it's shining on the networks. Its red sand will give you the impression that you've found water on Mars. This unusual colour comes from the slabs of volcanic rock that surround the beach. Access to the Martian sand is not ideal, with little security at the top of the cliffs and a rudimentary route by car. But it's worth the risk, and the shots taken on the beach have every chance of being magnificent, and perhaps even of making you stand out from the crowd.

Practical information

📍 Location: you'll find this beach in Akrotiri, precisely here

🅿️ Parking: a car park sits enthroned at the top of the volcanic cliff.

🟠 The orange facades of Ammoudi port

Tired of white and blue? Go in search of this orange cliché near the port of Ammoudi. The facades can be found on the stairs leading up to the port. For the perfect shot, it's best to exploit the various surrounding balconies to get an overall view of the apricot walls. It's up to you whether to keep the town in the background or not. Depending on the shot, the sea can add its beautiful contrasting blue to the shot.

Practical information

📍 Location: the facades can be found on the stairs leading down to the port, precisely here

🅿️ Parking: there is a public car park right next to the panorama

⚪ Panorama over the whole of Oia

Blue, orange and red, now it's time to focus on Santorini's dominant colour: white. There's no better way to see this than with a panoramic view of Oia, the island's small village. On the heights, just before the hiking trail to Fira, there's a perfect spot for this final shot. The unobstructed view makes any time of day ideal for capturing this moment, from sunrise to sunset. The perfect photo to end your ostentatious feed.

📍 Location: the panorama is on the edge of this unassuming cliff, precisely here

🅿️ Parking: there is a public car park right next to the panorama

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