Discover the natural attractions of El Golfo

The island of Lanzarote is indeed the wildest of the Canaries, with El Golfo, a charming fishing village, being a prime example. Isolated at the end of a winding road, set on the edge of the ocean, the place feels like the end of the world. Ignored by property developers, the site is still quite authentic. You can walk around it in hushed tones, eager not to disturb the ballet of wildcats on the shore and seabirds in the sky. The jagged coastline is battered by the ocean. On a beach of black sand, the famous green lagoon is one of the curiosities of the island of Lanzarote. Its unusual colour is due to the presence of suspended plant organisms and the very high salinity of the water. The sight of this tongue of colour along the dark cliffs of volcanic rock is breathtaking.

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What to see in and around El Golfo

Isolated at the end of a winding road to the west of Lanzarote, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the fishing village ofEl Golfo feels like the end of the world. Despite this, there are plenty of natural wonders to discover in the surrounding area. The spectacular village and its surroundings have also been used as the backdrop for several films, including Thor, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Moby Dick.

The village of El Golfo on Lanzarote.

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The green lagoon

The Green Lagoon is located very close to El Golfo, just follow the tourist buses to find it. The water in this spectacular collapsed half-crater is denser and saltier than that in the Dead Sea. Lago Verde, also known as Charco de los Clicos, is an ancient volcanic crater filled with seawater. The green colour is due to the algae that have colonised the lake. The contrast between the green of the lagoon, the ochre of the volcanic rock and the black of the beach is striking and spectacular.

Vue aérienne de la lagune verte à El Golfo.

- © Markus Mainka / Shutterstock

You can admire the site from a belvedere, but this natural amphitheatre is a protected natural area and it is strictly forbidden to swim in it or touch it!

The coastal path

The coastal path is undoubtedly one of the best walks on Lanzarote! The trail starts at the far end of the village of El Golfo and runs along the ocean for almost 14 kilometres. Hikers make their way through the sea of lava and discover the unique landscapes created by the meeting of magma and the Atlantic. After around two kilometres, you reach Playa del Paso and its deep black sand. Be careful, swimming is prohibited!

Les plages de sable noir sont typiques des terres volcaniques.

- © Sabrina Suppers / Shutterstock

Many visitors decide to turn back here, but it is possible to continue along the trail to the beaches of La Madera and Las Malvas, or make a loop through Timanfaya National Park to reach El Golfo.

Los Hervideros

A five-minute drive from El Golfo, Los Hervideros offers visitors a veritable spectacle of nature. These underwater caves were created during the volcanic eruptions of the 18th century as glowing lava tried to make its way to the ocean. Today, you can watch the raging waves of the Atlantic crash through the caves and against the petrified magma cliffs.

Los Hervideros lava cliffs near El Golfo.

- © iacomino FRiMAGES / Shutterstock

A lookout point gives tourists a privileged view of this geological curiosity.

The Janubio saltworks

A little further on, the Janubio salt pans are real salt pans built at the beginning of the 20th century. Originally, they were natural lagoons, but they have closed up over time. What makes them so special and popular are the colours they reflect, which vary according to the weather and the time of day: from pink to blue to green and orange. You can see all the nuances from a lookout point.

The Janubio saltworks near El Golfo.

- © Lukas Bischoff Photograph / Shutterstock

The saltworks are still in operation today and attract many curious visitors. There's a restaurant waiting to welcome you, the Mirador de las Salinas, where dishes are of course seasoned with salt from the Janubio saltworks!

Our favourite hotel in El Golfo

El Hotelito Del Golfo El Golfo

El Hotelito Del Golfo

In the heart of the fishing village of El Golfo, this hotel with swimming pool offers comfortable rooms, some with sea views!
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Practical information for El Golfo

El Golfo and the surrounding area are full of places of interest that are a must-see, so don't miss out on a trip to Lanzarote! Half a day should be enough to do the rounds.

📍 How do I get to El Golfo?

There are two roads leading to El Golfo: the LZ-703 and the LZ-704, both of which branch off the LZ-2. Allow 20 minutes' drive from Playa Blanca, 25 minutes from Puerto del Carmen, 30 minutes from Arrecife or 40 minutes from Costa Teguise.

🍴 Our favourite restaurant in El Golfo:

The village of El Golfo is renowned for its very good seafood restaurants. We recommend Restaurante Bogavante, where you can enjoyexcellent fish at a reasonable price facing the sea.

A restaurant in El Golfo.

- © Pawel Kazmierczak / Shutterstock

A few tips for your visit

  • El Golfo is part of the municipality of Yaiza, which is also well worth a visit, having been awarded the title of "most beautiful village in Lanzarote" on several occasions. A title that the locality has not stolen, as the village is full of charm with its tall palm trees, immaculate buildings and the small church of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.
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