Diving at the Atlántico Underwater Museum

Our vast planet is full of works of art that we know nothing about. Underwater statues are a perfect example. The oceans are increasingly populated by these splendid sculptures, inaccessible to most of us. The waters off the island of Lanzarote are home to one of these famous underwater museums. The Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote was inaugurated in summer 2016. And for once, local artist César Manrique had nothing to do with it (although he would certainly have approved of the idea)! This 100% aquatic museum, a first in Europe, exhibits the works of British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, who has already created this kind of initiative on the island of Grenada in the West Indies and in Cancún, Mexico. Since then, he has immersed works in Oslo, the Bahamas and even Cannes! So get out your masks, put on your flippers and discover these underwater works hidden in the silence of the deep.

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How can I find out more about the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote?

Get your masks, flippers and scuba tanks! We're diving into the depths of Lanzarote to admire the 250 statues resting in 15 metres of water off Playa Blanca, the famous seaside resort in the south of Lanazarote.

But if you don't know anything about scuba diving, don't panic: this unique museum offers a special programme for beginner divers, allowing them to take their first dive followed by a few exercises in the pool so that they can go and observe the statues! Experienced divers can go straight to the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote.

Book your ticket for the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote! Lanzarote

Book your ticket for the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote!

Put on your mask and flippers and discover a unique exhibition of sculptures in the depths of Lanzarote!
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What can you see at the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote?

Jason deCaires Taylor is a fervent defender of nature: his works, which are not intended to last over time, are designed using environmentally-friendly materials and serve as shelters for marine biodiversity. Their purpose is to send out a message. For example, Le Raft de Lampedusa personifies the migrants who sometimes come ashore on the beaches of the Canary Islands.

The Rubicon consists of 35 human sculptures(moulded from native islanders) advancing towards a four-metre high wall. It is a "line in the sand, a reminder that our world's oceans and climate are changing and that we must take urgent action before it's too late". The artist's aim is to highlight the beauty of the underwater world and educate people about the need to protect it.

As we swim through the sculptures, we are astonished to discover humanoid statues that seem to have merged with cacti, a reference to the profound intertwining between human beings and nature. Alongside them, sculptures of photographers and a couple taking a selfie represent today's society and the way in which modern technologies have entered our lives.

Los Jolateros features young children in small boats, while Deregulated breaks the mould by showing businessmen in suits having fun in a playground. One of the most impressive works features 200 statues of people arranged in a circle on the ocean floor. But our favourite sculpture is in the Portal, looking into a mirror that reflects the surface of the ocean.

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Practical information for the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote

Whether you're a keen scuba diver or just curious about an unusual museum, a visit to the Museo Atlántico is sure to surprise you! Don't hesitate to add it to your list of things to do on your next trip to Lanzarote!

⏰ Opening times of the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote

Visits to the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote for certified divers take place on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30am and last two and a half hours. Refresher sessions take place on the same days, but start at 10:00 and last five hours. The beginners' programme takes place every day except Sunday: it starts at 10am and lasts five hours.

👛 Prices for the Museo Atlántico de Lanzarote

  • Full price: £43
  • Beginner rate: £123
  • Refresher rate (certified divers who have not dived for more than a year): £94

The Museo Atlántico is located on the shores of Playa Blanca but organises boat transfers from Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and even Fuerteventura, at an additional cost. Don't forget to book your ticket online!

📍 How do I get to the Museo Atlántico in Lanzarote?

The Dive College Lanzarote diving centre **, located to the east of Playa Blanca, organises excursions to the Museo Atlántico. It's a 30-minute drive from Puerto del Carmen, 40 minutes from Arrecife and 45 minutes from Costa Teguise. Don't forget that **the centre also organises boat transfers from several towns on the island and from Fuerteventura!

A few tips for your visit

  • ATTENTION: You cannot dive if you take a plane on the same day!
  • Remember to bring your swimming costume, towel and diving certificate, if applicable. Diving equipment is provided.
  • Occasionally, the Museo Atlántico organises snorkelling courses for £77 (including equipment), including a visit to the underwater museum without tanks!
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