5 cities that are even more charming in the rain

Rain is often a discouraging factor when it comes to going on holiday. When we visit a city, we like to make the most of the good weather and stroll through the streets while staying dry. And yet some cities are sumptuous on rainy days. More than just a meteorological episode, rain is part of the very identity of these cities. Like Edinburgh, which suffers from a reputation for being very rainy, but which turns out to be charming when the grey clouds arrive. Let's take a look at some of the cities that are more charming in the rain.

Arc de Triomphe sous la pluie

Arc de Triomphe sous la pluie

- © Agnieszka Gaul / Shutterstock

Edinburgh, Scotland

Rain or shine, Edinburgh is still Edinburgh. But when describing the city, the first words that spring to mind are: castle, pubs, whisky, bagpipes and... rain. If you can manage to combine all these elements during a stay in Edinburgh, then you've made a success of your trip.

A rainy Edinburgh

Edinburgh in the rain

- © Gregor Cerar/123rf
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Paris, France

Paris on a rainy day can be a pain, unless you find yourself in the right place. There are places, in the dry, where the view of the Paris rooftops in the rain is magnificent and gives off a romantic atmosphere, like a poem. From the Musée du Quai d'Orsay, behind the emblematic clock, you can enjoy watching the water run down the glass, and the City of Light darken under the grey clouds. Or head to the Île de la Cité and admire the dramatic Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral beneath the grey clouds. It's a different way of looking at the French capital.

Paris and Notre-Dame under the rain

Paris and Notre-Dame in the rain

- © Dmitriy Zheltikov (zheltikov.com)/12
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Biarritz, France

Still in France, but hundreds of kilometres from Paris, forget the romantic atmosphere of the capital for the crashing waves of the Atlantic coast. Rainy days are often accompanied by wind along the coast of the Basque country, giving rise to impressive waves that crash against the Rocher de la Vierge in Biarritz. A breathtaking spectacle. But be sure to heed the safety recommendations when the weather turns for the worse.

Biarritz sea view in bad weather

The sea in Biarritz

- © lelik83/123rf

Amsterdam in the Netherlands

The seasons can be very marked in Amsterdam. It can be very hot in summer, very cold in winter and very rainy in autumn. But each season brings a different perspective to the city. The canals, the typical houses in the historic centre and the cobbled bridges have a real charm when it rains in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam in wet weather

- © Luboslav Ivanko/123rf
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Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is known for having many rainy days during the year, 161 on average according to the experts. That's a lot in a 365-day year. Vancouver's climate is oceanic for its heavy rainfall. But that doesn't scare off locals and tourists alike, as the city offers plenty to do when the grey clouds appear in the sky. To discover the city while staying dry, you can take the Skytrain, the aerial metro, or the Seabus, the buses that run on water. Everything has been thought out to brave the rain.

Vancouver in the rain

Rainy Vancouver

- © Toms Auzins / Shutterstock
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