No more out-of-bundle calls abroad! This application lets you use the Internet at a lower cost so you can travel with peace of mind.

It's an unpleasant surprise that many of us have already had to face: we forget to deactivate our cellular data when abroad, and we end up with an astronomical amount of overage to pay back! But the good news is that this inconvenience will soon be a thing of the past thanks to the Ubigi application, which allows you to use the Internet easily and cheaply abroad! Here's how it works...

Thanks to Ubigi, surf the Internet abroad for less!

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What is Ubigi?

Ubigi is a website and application that allows travellers to buy a data package to connect to the Internet abroad. You can buy a package valid for a particular country, continent or even the whole world: in all, Ubigi has more than 200 destinations in its catalogue! And all at virtually local rates, with no roaming charges. Depending on the destination, this can represent savings of up to 90% compared with your usual operator!

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The packages sold are not loaded onto a traditional physical SIM card but onto the eSIM, a dematerialised SIM card. All you need to do is download the Ubigi eSIM profile onto a compatible device. The Ubigi eSIM can be installed free of charge via the Ubigi app. What's more, you can easily switch from the physical SIM to the eSIM for mobile data, and vice versa, if you need to.

How do I use Ubigi?

Plane tickets, visas, insurance... Going abroad can be a headache when it comes to organising everything, and adding the purchase of a mobile package can seem like an extra complicated step. With Ubigi, that's not the case: in just a few minutes and before you leave, install your eSIM and activate your package, so you're connected as soon as you get off the plane!

Get your Ubigi eSIM now! World

Get your Ubigi eSIM now!

Surf the Internet abroad at lower cost with Ubigi eSIM!
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The first thing to do is check that your phone is eSIM compatible. Don't panic, most recent mobiles are! To find out, dial *#06# on your phone. If you see an EID code on the screen, your phone is eSIM compatible. Then download the Ubigi app (IOS or Android) and follow the instructions to install your eSIM and buy your prepaid package.

You can choose from several data packs ranging from 500MB to several GB. And yes, you won't need the same amount of data if you just want to use Google Maps from time to time or make long video calls with your loved ones! Once your package is finished, connectivity stops, so there's no risk of going over! What's more, you can top up your eSIM using the Ubigi app, without needing Wi-Fi, or any remaining data at any time in the 200 destinations offered by Ubigi. Practical and economical!

What do travellers think?

What do travellers think of Ubigi?

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Who better to talk about Ubigi than Ubigi users? We've collected feedback from travellers who have used the app, and here are just a few of them:

"Very practical and affordable in terms of top-ups. No surprises on the phone bill when you get back from holiday. And in eSIM format, just great, it doesn't prevent you from having your main operator. I like it."


"It's so easy to get data in Europe or anywhere in the world! I'd recommend it to anyone. Just install, pay and use."


Ubigi users are unanimous: they recommend the application!

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"This is a very practical application for getting internet access when travelling abroad, and installing the eSIM is quick and easy. The rates are very reasonable and competitive compared with those of French operators or those of the country you are travelling in."


"Great experience. Good connection overall. Ideal for making travel arrangements easier. Good for communicating, downloading files, watching videos and sending emails."

by Clara Uveteau
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