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Bordeaux (France) From 03/04/2022 to 09/04/2022
All overall Bad 16%56%42%34%68%72%
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Weather Forecast Bordeaux: Weather forecast in April

The sun comes out a lot more in April in Bordeaux. However nights remain chilly and if temperatures during the day surpass 20°C, at nighttime they can drop lower than 6°C (especially at the beginning of the month). You won't spend your weekends on the beach but walks along the seafront at Garonne are very pleasant at this time of year. The weather comfort score in April is relatively reasonable and will continue to get better as the month goes on.

The weather prediction service inBordeaux is based on a calculation which takes into account historic data from the last 10 years, as well as predictions based on certain criteria such as air temperature, humidity, water temperature, wind speed and sunshine.

Prepare your things now for your stay by taking a look at the weather predictions forBordeaux.

  • Temperature
  • Bad weather
  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Wind
  • Humidity

The weather is rated on a scale from 0 to 100, with the worst weather conditions ranging between 0 and 19 and the best ranging above 79.
The overall weather comfort index is:

  • Excellent (Rating between 80% and 100%)
  • Good (Rating between 60% and 79%)
  • Average (Rating between 40% and 59%)
  • Bad (Rating between 20% and 39%)
  • Very bad (Rating between 0% and 19%)

Practical advice for a stay inBordeaux:

  • A warm, waterproof jacket for the evenings and rainy days
  • Lighter clothes for when the sun is out
  • Mid-season shoes that are good for walking in

Weather forecast Bordeaux in april

  • From 03/04/2022 to 09/04/2022 33% Bad 16%56%42%34%68%72%
  • From 10/04/2022 to 16/04/2022 37% Bad 24%60%44%34%68%72%
  • From 17/04/2022 to 23/04/2022 39% Bad 30%56%44%36%70%72%
  • From 24/04/2022 to 30/04/2022 43% Average 40%56%44%36%70%72%
  • From 01/05/2022 to 07/05/2022 47% Average 48%60%44%36%70%72%
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France: Seven-day weather forecast

Take a look at the seven-day weather forecast for the principal cities inFrance. For each destination, Easyvoyage's weather tool gives you temperature and rainfall indicators, along with wind force and direction and sunrise/sunset times. Prepare your holidays using our weather forecasts or organise your activities thanks to the weather comfort index forFrance. Whether you're getting ready to go or already on holiday, it's never been simpler to keep an eye on the weather than with Easyvoyage!

  • Agen cloudy Agen in April 8°C | 9°C
  • Ajaccio Isolated showers Ajaccio in April 8°C | 12°C
  • Angers Sunny spells Angers in April 6°C | 6°C
  • Angoulême Sunny spells Angoulême in April 5°C | 6°C
  • Auxerre rain and snow Auxerre in April 1°C | 2°C
  • Aurillac rain and snow Aurillac in April 3°C | 0°C
  • Avignon Sunny spells Avignon in April 6°C | 8°C
  • Barcelonnette Sunny spells Barcelonnette in April -4°C | 0°C
  • Bastia moderate showers Bastia in April 9°C | 11°C
  • Biarritz Isolated showers Biarritz in April 10°C | 11°C
  • Bourges rain and snow Bourges in April 1°C | 3°C
  • Brive La Gaillarde light rain Brive La Gaillarde in April 6°C | 7°C
  • Béziers Sunny spells Béziers in April 9°C | 11°C
  • Carcassonne Sunny spells Carcassonne in April 8°C | 9°C
  • Cannes Sunny spells Cannes in April 8°C | 11°C
  • Cherbourg Sunny spells Cherbourg in April 5°C | 5°C
  • Caen Sunny spells Caen in April 5°C | 5°C
  • Calvi moderate showers Calvi in April 8°C | 11°C
  • Chambery moderate rain Chambery in April 5°C | 3°C
  • Colmar snowing Colmar in April -1°C | 0°C
  • Cognac Sunny spells Cognac in April 6°C | 8°C
  • Calais cloudy Calais in April 1°C | 3°C
  • Dole rain and snow Dole in April 4°C | 2°C
  • Dinard Sunny spells Dinard in April 6°C | 6°C
  • Deauville cloudy Deauville in April 3°C | 3°C
  • Bergerac cloudy Bergerac in April 7°C | 8°C
  • Epinal snowing Epinal in April -1°C | 0°C
  • Nimes Sunny spells Nimes in April 6°C | 9°C
  • Gap rain and snow Gap in April 0°C | 3°C
  • Granville Sunny spells Granville in April 6°C | 7°C
  • Lannion Sunny spells Lannion in April 8°C | 8°C
  • Albi light rain Albi in April 7°C | 7°C
  • La Baule Sunny spells La Baule in April 7°C | 8°C
  • Lourdes moderate showers Lourdes in April 5°C | 8°C
  • Le Havre Sunny spells Le Havre in April -1°C | 4°C
  • Limoges cloudy Limoges in April 4°C | 3°C
  • Lille Sunny spells Lille in April -2°C | 2°C
  • Le Puy-en-Velay light snow Le Puy-en-Velay in April 0°C | -1°C
  • La Rochelle Sunny spells La Rochelle in April 7°C | 8°C
  • Lorient Sunny spells Lorient in April 6°C | 9°C
  • Le Touquet Sunny spells Le Touquet in April 0°C | 2°C
  • St Tropez cloudy St Tropez in April 8°C | 11°C
  • Laval Sunny spells Laval in April 5°C | 6°C
  • Lyon rain and snow Lyon in April 5°C | 2°C
  • Montluçon rain and snow Montluçon in April 3°C | 1°C
  • Mulhouse snowing Mulhouse in April 0°C | -1°C
  • Montpellier Sunny spells Montpellier in April 10°C | 11°C
  • Marseille cloudy Marseille in April 5°C | 11°C
  • Megeve moderate snow Megeve in April 0°C | 0°C
  • Metz cloudy Metz in April -4°C | -1°C
  • Nice Isolated showers Nice in April 8°C | 11°C
  • Annecy rain and snow Annecy in April 4°C | 3°C
  • Nantes Sunny spells Nantes in April 6°C | 7°C
  • Orleans cloudy Orleans in April 1°C | 3°C
  • Paris Sunny spells Paris in April 1°C | 2°C
  • Perpignan largely cleared Perpignan in April 11°C | 12°C
  • Propiano Isolated showers Propiano in April 8°C | 12°C
  • Rodez Isolated showers Rodez in April 4°C | 3°C
  • Reims cloudy Reims in April -3°C | 0°C
  • Rennes Sunny spells Rennes in April 6°C | 7°C
  • Strasbourg snowing Strasbourg in April -3°C | 1°C
  • Toulon largely cleared Toulon in April 8°C | 11°C
  • Toulouse Isolated showers Toulouse in April 8°C | 8°C
  • Quimper Sunny spells Quimper in April 6°C | 9°C
  • Vichy rain and snow Vichy in April 2°C | 1°C
  • Vittel snowing Vittel in April -1°C | -1°C
  • Cahors light rain Cahors in April 6°C | 7°C
  • Les Gets moderate snow Les Gets in April 0°C | -1°C
  • Hendaye Isolated showers Hendaye in April 11°C | 12°C
  • Honfleur largely cleared Honfleur in April 3°C | 4°C
  • Hyères largely cleared Hyères in April 8°C | 11°C
  • Istres cloudy Istres in April 6°C | 10°C
  • La Ciotat cloudy La Ciotat in April 7°C | 11°C
  • La Grande-Motte Sunny spells La Grande-Motte in April 10°C | 11°C
  • Lacanau Sunny spells Lacanau in April 8°C | 9°C
  • Le Crotoy Sunny spells Le Crotoy in April -1°C | 2°C
  • Le Grau-du-Roi Sunny spells Le Grau-du-Roi in April 6°C | 10°C
  • Les Sables-d'Olonne Sunny spells Les Sables-d'Olonne in April 7°C | 8°C
  • Millau cloudy Millau in April 3°C | 3°C
  • Mimizan Sunny spells Mimizan in April 9°C | 10°C
  • Mont-de-Marsan Sunny spells Mont-de-Marsan in April 7°C | 10°C
  • Montélimar light rain Montélimar in April 6°C | 8°C
  • Narbonne Sunny spells Narbonne in April 8°C | 10°C
  • Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile Sunny spells Noirmoutier-en-l'Ile in April 8°C | 8°C
  • Orange Sunny spells Orange in April 6°C | 8°C
  • Paimpol Sunny spells Paimpol in April 8°C | 7°C

Bordeaux : Monthly weather forecasts

  • January 30%
  • February 31%
  • March 32%
  • April 39%
  • May 68%
  • June 77%
  • July 80%
  • August 74%
  • September 68%
  • October 46%
  • November 28%
  • December 28%