North America

North America is a continent with only three countries: Canada, the USA, and Mexico. The choice of destinations may therefore seem somewhat limited but these gigantic countries have a host of tourist sites and destinations to offer. The climate changes as you travel across the continent, from Canada's Great White North to Mexico's sun-filled coasts. The things that are worth seeing of a trip to North America are also extremely varied, ranging from seemingly never-ending cities, prairies as far as the eye can see, mountains, deserts and white sand beaches!

This diversity of landscapes can actually be found in the United States alone. For the foreign tourist opting for this destination, going on a trip to the American continent may seem like you are entering one of its famed movies or TV shows. This is especially the case with the big cities. New York, Los Angeles, Miami: these metropolises have appeared on the screen so many times that the entire world feels like they already know them without ever having stepped foot in them. Yet, the ambiance that reigns among the skyscrapers of Manhattan and in the cable cars of San Francisco cannot be discovered from afar. The same goes for the incomparable Las Vegas, also called ?Sin City', which lives to the rhythm of its casinos and cabarets. For those looking for a large city with a French vibe, they can head to Montreal. The largest city in the province of Quebec, it was built on the St. Lawrence River, which played a vital role in the colonisation of Canada after its discovery by the Europeans.

Far from the pavement and honking horns of the cities, the US has its fair share of nature. Who hasn't heard of Monument Valley with its large stretches of desert and the breathtakingly vast Grand Canyon in the south of the country? Any trip to North America is also the opportunity to cross the continent's Great Plains, which stretch from Hudson Bay in the north to Louisiana in the south, following the Mississippi River. Lakes are also well represented, as much in the Rockies as in the Great Lakes region, situated at the border between Canada and the US. Finally, water also has its place within Yellowstone National Park, where it is found in the form of geysers in a zone marked by heavy geothermal activity.

On the Canadian side, the tourist attractions are similar to what you find in the US. Beyond Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver there are many other large metropolises where a significant amount of the national culture can be discovered. The Canadian Great Plains stretch across three Canadian provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The Rocky Mountains cover a good part of British Columbia, to the great delight of hikers, skiers and other fans of the mountains. A large part of this country discovered by Jacques Cartier is also covered by a huge forest of coniferous trees with a great amount of fjords that are simply divine to see in the autumn.

In North America, sunbathing and lazing on the beach can also be part of your itinerary. What usually comes to mind are the beaches that can be found on the islands of Hawaii or the coasts of Mexico.

The Yucatan peninsula is especially popular with beachgoers all over the world, who have all heard of the splendid resort of Cancun. Of course, we mustn't forget Veracruz, located a little further north on the country's eastern coast. Moreover, between naps on the beach in the shade of a palm tree there are a lot of opportunities to discover Mexico's rich past and the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisations. Among the remains from these eras visitors will find the de Chichén Itzá pyramid, which probably attracts the most tourists.

Finally, a trip to North America represents a holiday in what is still called the New World, and an immersion into the famous American Dream, where there is something for everyone!

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