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Planning cheap holidays: useful information

Going on holiday for less

If you don't feel like having to organise everything (buying tickets, comparing hotels, organising excursions, finding restaurants, etc.), go for the "ready to go" formula: holidays and visits of the main attractions organised by classic tour operators and resold (sometimes at a loss) on the Internet. This is where you'll find the best deals.

All inclusive

The logical definition of an all-inclusive formula is that the entire cost of your holiday coincides with the indicated price. The basic principle is that holidaymakers are able to control their budget by knowing ahead of time exactly what the costs will be. Guests are entirely taken care of and do not have to worry about any unexpected expenses. It also allows them to easily compare different holiday possibilities and the amount of money they can expect to spend all while being offered the most cost-effective packages. With this option you gain time and money.
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Full board

A hotel or holiday club package that includes accommodation and all of your meals.
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A hotel package that includes an overnight stay and lunch or dinner.
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Last Minute and Early Bookers

The principle is the same as for flights only. Both of the formulas offer generous savings and plenty of deals. In the case of Early Booking, tour operators try to sell holiday packages as early as possible, months before the scheduled departures. To do so, they offer a small discount on the package. The principle behind last minute flights is a bit different but with the same results. It has become very popular over the last couple of years and especially during the economic crisis, when people still want to travel, but at the lowest prices. The concept consists of waiting until the last minute to make a booking, by counting on the idea that the prices will be even lower, knowing that once the plane takes off, the product will have expired and lost money. The inconvenience is that you have to wait for the deals to appear and be at risk of having to choose a different one if there are no more places available in the package you were hoping for.
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Special Offers

Special offers are supposed to stimulate short-term sales by pushing the product onto the buyer. Normally it means that the customer saves money. In terms of travel, they usually spring up at the beginning of the season, at the end of the season and especially as the departure date approaches.
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