No more fun cruising in Amsterdam: cruise ships now banned

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is facing a major challenge: how to protect its cultural heritage and preserve the quality of life of its inhabitants in the face of the massive influx of tourists? In response to this growing problem, the city has decided to take radical measures to combat the mass tourism that is invading its city centre. The latest of these is the closure of a major cruise ship terminal in the heart of the city. This decision is part of a series of ambitious initiatives aimed at alleviating the harmful effects of intensive tourism on the city.

The city of Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam

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Mass tourism, a scourge for Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam has taken drastic measures to combat the mass tourism that is invading its city centre. Recently, a major cruise ship terminal was closed, following the adoption of a motion by the city council. This decision is part of a series of measures taken to mitigate the harmful effects of mass tourism on the city.

A cruise ship

A cruise ship

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A unanimous decision

The D66 party, which leads the city along with the PvdA social democrats and GroenLinks environmentalists, justifies this measure by claiming that polluting cruises are not in line with Amsterdam's sustainability objectives. In addition, the passage of cruise ships hampers the construction of a new bridge linking the northern district to the southern part of the city.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema, has already highlighted the negative impact of cruise passengers, who spend little time visiting the city's museums. In fact, these tourists are often 'released' for just a few hours to eat in international restaurants.

Amsterdam's canals

Amsterdam's canals

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For the peace of mind of residents

The measures taken by Amsterdam to control mass tourism go beyond the closure of the cruise ship terminal. They also include a ban on cannabis smoking in the streets of the Red Light District, and a campaign to discourage British tourists from visiting the city solely to consume alcohol and drugs.

These initiatives aim to preserve the tranquillity and quality of life of the inhabitants of Amsterdam's historic centre, while promoting tourism that is more respectful of the environment and local cultures.

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