Marry an Amsterdammer for a day

In the Dutch capital, the "Marry an Amsterdammer" concept offers people the chance to marry a Dutchman for a day and visit the city on their honeymoon. This unusual initiative, inspired by social networking sites, aims to combat mass tourism.

Des mariés sur un pont d’Amsterdam.

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An unusual concept

Marry for a day and discover the lesser-known parts of Amsterdam - that's the idea behind the "Marry an Amsterdammer" concept. Launched by the website Untourist Guide to Amsterdam and the Wed and Walk group, which has been organising mock weddings since 2006, the initiative has two aims: to help people discover Amsterdam in a 'different' way, by avoiding the busiest tourist attractions, and to improve the well-being of Amsterdamers, who are sometimes tired of the excesses of mass tourism.

For one day, participants will be able to take advantage of this fictitious union to discover the places in the city frequented by the locals and share a good time with their beloved for a day. Of course, the marriage has no legal value, so you'll go back to your 'normal' life as soon as the experience is over.

"Celebrate your love and fidelity for a day".

Three different offers are available: the "Bronze" offer (£75) with a 45-minute ceremony, the "Silver" offer (£100) with 60-minute celebrations in which 4 witnesses can take part, and the "Gold" offer (£125), which includes 75-minute celebrations, a photo session and the invitation of up to 12 witnesses.

Volunteer tourists must also help plan the ceremony (choice of music, outfits, wedding rings) and write the vows. When the 'engaged couple' are ready to say the famous 'I do', they are accompanied by a master of ceremonies and a photographer who captures the long-awaited kiss or embrace. Costumes, dresses and wedding rings are included in the price.

The rest of the day is then in the hands of your new spouse, who will take you on a honeymoon tour of the city: a great way to discover Amsterdam through the eyes of a local.

Since its launch, the concept, whose slogan is "Celebrate your love and loyalty for a day", has already attracted hundreds of tourists who come to experience a fleeting love at first sight in one of Europe's most popular destinations.

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