This great American city has been voted the best in the country (it's much less touristy than New York or Los Angeles!).

This is the 7th time in a row that the city of Chicago has been voted the best big city in the USA by the famous American magazine, Condé Nast Traveler. A trophy that the city has been accustomed to receiving since 2017, but which is far from an achievement given the city's assets. We're going to tell you why Chicago is the best big city in the USA.

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Route 66

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For its incredible architecture

Chicago is recognisable from all other American cities thanks to its unique and impressive architecture. A playground for many innovative architects, Chicago is the perfect example of how imagination is synonymous with beauty.

A beautiful city in every season

Chicago is famous for its weather. Winter is particularly cold, with numerous snowy spells that dress the monuments in a magnificent white coat, and summers are accompanied by heat waves that raise the temperature. Chicago is a whole city, even in its weather. And that appeals to many tourists.

Chicago enneigée en plein hiver.

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For its many activities

It's impossible to get bored in Chicago, there are so many things to do. Whether it's a cruise on the river to discover the city by the water, the Art Institute and the [Field Museum of Natural]//noticias/noticia-2953) History for the more curious, or grandiose sporting events, Chicago is a very lively city where entertainment is king. There's only one watchword: have fun!

Some of Chicago's top activities...

  • TheArt Institute of Chicago is the 2nd largest museum in the United States, after MoMA.
  • Take a cruise on the Chicago River. Book online, from €49/person.
  • Go to the United Center to watch a real ice hockey match. Information and booking online.

For its vast nature

Vue aérienne sur le lac Michigan.

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Although Chicago is one of the most urbanised cities in the United States, the city has an incredible and omnipresent natural environment. This is already evident in the 250km-long river of the same name that runs through the city, as well as Lake Michigan, which provides a green setting for the inhabitants. On top of that, you can admire deer and other forest animals at the North Park Village Nature Center, right in the heart of Chicago.

For its beaches (yes!)

More surprising indeed, but very true. Chicago is famous for its beaches. Situated in the heart of the Great Lakes region, the city is obviously very water-loving. And what an opportunity, right in the heart of the city centre, to have a fine sandy beach to cool off on a hot summer's day. Glencoe Beach is one of Chicago's most popular and pleasant beaches, lined with green spaces.

La plage au pied des building de Chicago.

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Where to eat in Chicago?

The Original Pancake House, for the famous American pancake. 5 addresses in Lincoln Park, Oak Foest, Hyde Park, Chicago Gold Coast and Orland Park.

Where to sleep in Chicago?

Renaissance Chicago Downtown 4* Hotel Chicago

Renaissance Chicago Downtown 4* Hotel

The contemporary rooms overlook the Chicago River.
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