From desert to sky, adventure in Dubai

The world's tallest towers, dream beaches, gastronomic extravaganzas. Dubai's magnificence impresses even the most discerning travellers. But behind the glitz, Dubai reveals a touch of adventure that can delight travellers in search of nature and sport. From the desert to the sky, from the sea to the mountains, Candice Boisson and Jérémy Raffin, former Koh-Lanta participants and long-distance travellers, discovered a different Dubai. A visit to a nature reserve, wild antelopes, deserted beaches and mountain excursions are just some of the stops on this 4-day itinerary in a city full of surprises. If you want to surprise your other half and spend some time together away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this is the destination for you.

The Dubai desert

The Dubai desert

- © Mihai Stanciu/Shutterstock

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Day 1: Enchanting discoveries

First morning relaxing at the hotel

Dubai. A name that sounds like a promise. First time for Candice, second time for Jérémy. Arriving at the Rove Hotel La Mer already set the mood: surfboards and Hawaiian shirts at reception, the pool and sea right in front of them. They appreciated the relaxed atmosphere of the place, ideal as a base camp for visiting the town and the surrounding area.

Afternoon plunge into the Orient

To get a first impression of Dubai, Candice and Jérémy visited the Al Fahidi district, where they found the narrow streets of the old city a complete change of scene. A visit to the traditional souks allowed them to stock up on souvenirs for their loved ones while buying a selection of the best Middle Eastern products. It's a real treat, and the perfect place to shop for wonders!

A typical atmosphere in Dubai's souks

A typical atmosphere in Dubai's souks

- © Jérémy Raffin
The typical alleyways of the old city of Dubai

The typical alleyways of the old city of Dubai

- © olay Antonov / Shutterstock;

Day 2: Wild life in the city

Morning wildlife encounter

Head for Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, considered a paradise for birdwatchers in Dubai. In this nature reserve, an incredible sight just a few kilometres from the city, you have the impression of being in the middle of nature. In order to respect nature, there is an observatory where you can observe the animals from a safe distance, with the Dubai skyline as a backdrop.

A dizzying afternoon

Ain Dubai by Dubai Holding is a unique Ferris wheel in the world: perched 210 metres high, each gondola has its own atmosphere, with some offering food and drink, others a jungle atmosphere and even a nightclub. This 40-minute ride offers a lovely view and a fun experience to take at suns et to admire the coastline.

Rove La Mer Beach 3* Dubai

Rove La Mer Beach 3*

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Ain Dubai Ferris wheel

Ain Dubai Ferris wheel

- © Tupungato
Flamingos a few kilometers from downtown Dubai

Flamingos just a few kilometers from the city center

Day 3: Stars in your eyes

Take to the skies

For even more height, take a helicopter ride over the entire city. If you spend 12 minutes in the shoes of James Bond, you'll get a bird's eye view of the deserted beaches - hard to imagine when you're in Dubai - and the famous artificial islands seen from the sky, including The Palm, shaped like a palm tree, and the incredible The World, an archipelago made up of 300 artificial islands that form an extraordinary map of the world.

Desert safari

Right from the start of the excursion, it's total immersion: scarves and appropriate equipment as you discover the desert with Platinum Heritage. Although there are several vehicles at the start, the itineraries are different, giving a real sense of freedom. Enjoy a local drink followed by a meal in the desert where you share meat cooked in the ground according to local tradition.

On the road through the dunes, gazelles and antelopes can be seen roaming freely, and the flora and fauna have adapted to this arid environment to the extent that some trees have roots that reach over 200 m deep in search of water. A night in the desert combines all the modern comforts with an authentic feel: stone furniture, a large carpet and a campfire under the stars.

""The flora and fauna have adapted to this arid environment, to the extent that some trees have roots that reach depths of over 200 metres in search of water". "

The Palm from the air, during a helicopter ride

The Palm from the air, during a helicopter ride

- © Shutterstock / gagliardi Photography
Candice Boisson dans le désert de Dubaï

Candice Boisson dans le désert de Dubaï

- © Jérémy Raffin

Day 4: The desert from the sky at the Hatta mountains

At dawn in the air

At 4am, watching the sunrise from the top of a hot-air balloon is an unforgettable sight. The dunes look like an endless sea of sand. A short ride in the land rover took them to breakfast after so much excitement.

"Alone in the world, seeing the desert from above with the sensation of flying is an unforgettable experience. Probably the highlight of the trip! "

Jéremy Raffin

Hatta, perched in the mountains

On their final day, Candice and Jérémy discovered new and unexpected landscapes outside Dubai. Just an hour and a half's drive away, lost in the mountains, Hatta offers a sporting and natural version of the United Arab Emirates.

The hotel, the Hatta Damani Lodge Resort, is made up of luxurious cabins set on hills with breathtaking views. Here, outdoor sports activities are the order of the day: cycling, quad biking, archery and axe throwing. You'll love the long bike rides in a wild, unspoilt environment.

The Hatta Mountains near Dubai

The Hatta Mountains near Dubai

- © Sarath maroli / Shutterstock
Hatta Resorts 2* Dubai Dubai

Hatta Resorts 2* Dubai

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