There's a secret passage hidden in Montparnasse station! Have you ever used it?

As Parisians know, the corridors of the metro are a veritable labyrinth! It's easy to spend long minutes trying to find your way around, especially when you get off line 4 at Gare Montparnasse... and you're already late catching your train! There is, however, a much simpler 'secret' passage. We wanted to keep it to ourselves, but finally decided to share it with you...

La gare Montparnasse à Paris.

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A well-kept secret...

Escalator, left turn, conveyor belt, right turn, staircase, long corridor... Getting to Montparnasse station from the platform of line 4 at the Montparnasse-Bienvenüe stop is hell! When you're already in a hurry to catch your train, those long minutes spent twisting and turning in the corridors can be a major source of added stress.

However, the station's regulars know that it's much easier to get to the station, so they only share this secret with their closest friends, and laugh inwardly as they watch the tourists hurtle through the interminable corridors... We're joking, of course - Parisians aren't as haughty as we're led to believe!

Le quai de la station Montparnasse-Bienvenüe.

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... finally revealed!

Anyway, we've decided to share this secret passageway with you so that your next trip to Paris goes off without a hitch!

Once you're out of the metro, look for the "Trains Grandes Lignes" sign, but stop just before the tunnel entrance. From there, take the small staircase up on your left, which will take you straight to the surface, in front of the Pathé Parnasse cinema. Enter the gallery that follows Rue du Départ in the direction of the Tour Montparnasse. This will take you to the station forecourt, where you can go inside to find your train. Easy, isn't it?

But that's not all! This passageway is not the only secret of the Montparnasse station: did you know that there is a green park on the roof that is accessible to everyone?

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