Christmas in New York

The French are flocking to New York for the Christmas holidays, and it's easy to see why! Its place in our hearts is richly deserved, as the city that never sleeps adorns itself in all its finery to dazzle young and old alike. Discover the most beautiful illuminations that give New York that special Christmas atmosphere.

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Manhattan in lights

The whole of Manhattan is getting into the spirit of Christmas in the run-up to the festive season. Of the five boroughs of New York, it is certainly the most festive and the most decorated. The New York island is home to the city's biggest tourist attractions and is the showcase for the Big Apple. It is also home to many luxury boutiques, making it the richest district. So it's only logical to admire the sumptuous illuminations adorning the facades of Manhattan's buildings.

Giant Christmas lights in Manhattan.

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A giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center

In France, the Champs Elysées is lit up on television, while in the United States, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is lit up on NBC. This tree isone of the most famous Christmas trees in the United States, a tradition that has continued every year since 1931! The tree chosen, often a spruce, measures between 23 and 27 metres on average, and has become a veritable symbol of the city at Christmas time. It is decorated with 30,000 lights and 8 kilometres of electric garlands.

The Rockefeller Center tree.

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The Christmas tree is put up every year in November on the esplanade of Rockefeller Center and becomes a must-see for curious visitors and tourists who come to New York for the festive season.

There's also theChristmas tree in front of the Wall Street financial centre, which, although less iconic than the giant tree at Rockefeller Center, is no less magical. As night falls, the tree lights up, as do the columns of the monument, which are transformed by the magic of light projection into red and white Christmas candy canes.

Ice rinks all over the city

Since 1936, the installation of the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center has been accompanied by the creation of a gigantic, temporary ice rink at its foot. This offers tourists and New Yorkers alike a magical activity to enjoy in the run-up to the festive season. In this splendid setting, under the grandiose decorations of the Rockefeller Center complex, you can experience a moment suspended in the heart of the world-city.

Rockefeller Center ice rink.

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The famous ice rink is open for several months, often from early November to early March, so there's plenty of time to tame the ice or learn to skate. In such an iconic setting, it would be a shame not to take advantage of your stay in New York to get started!

In winter, an ice rink is set up in Central Park.

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The skating rink in Central Park, known as the 'Wollman Rink', is also very popular with locals and visitors alike. In this green setting, you can skate with the skyscrapers of Manhattan in the background: an experience that seems almost unreal! The financial district also has its own skating rink, at Brookfield Place. It's a lot less crowded than in the heart of Manhattan, and you get a lovely view of New York harbour. And if you're looking for a free ice rink, head for the Christmas market in Bryant Park!

Radio City Music Hall gets all dressed up

We haven't quite finished talking about Rockefeller Center, which is made up of numerous shops and concert halls, such as Radio City Music Hall, whose reputation has spread beyond the borders of the city and the country.

Christmas decorations in front of Radio City Music Hall.

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Nicknamed"The Showplace of the Nation", the Radio City Music Hall and its façade are no exception to the rule, dazzling us with its beautiful Christmas decorations, renowned throughout the city.

Macy's window displays in celebration

Macy's is the equivalent of the ParisianGrands Magasins, only bigger and more luxurious. The franchise is also known for having the largest shop in the world, as recorded by the famous Guinness World Records, with a floor area of 198,500 square metres in the heart of theHerald Square building in Manhattan.

The Macy's storefront in the run-up to Christmas in New York.

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It's the brand's flagship shop, and certainly its most iconic. Every year, its transformation for Christmas is a real event. In fact, it's the Macy's parade through the streets of Manhattan that officially signals the start of the end-of-year festivities and Christmas shopping in New York.

Touring the Christmas markets

Like all major cities and metropolises, New York is no exception to the Christmas market rule. When you see the city's grandiose illuminations, just imagine the beauty of its Christmas market. Or should we say... HER Christmas markets!

Bryant Park Christmas Market.

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There arefour markets in the city: one at Grand Central station, another at Columbus Circle, another in Union Square and finally one in Bryant Park, which is certainly the favourite of tourists and New Yorkers alike, as it is so full of gift stands, food and drink st alls and a superb ice rink.

Brooklyn is not to be outdone

Manhattan's glamorous district does not have a monopoly on Christmas lights. The more popular and residential districts, such as Brooklyn, are also getting into the spirit of the festive season. The famous Brooklyn Bridge, which marks the entrance to this borough, immediately sets the tone with its splendid illuminations in magical shades of red, white and green.

A Brooklyn house during the holiday season.

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In Brooklyn, there's also a neighbourhood that gets people talking at Christmas time. The residents of Dyker Heights don't mess around when it comes to decorating their homes and gardens with garlands of lights and ornaments. Life-size Santas, illuminated sleighs, giant snowmen, carols blasting from loudspeakers... it's almost extravagant! This district offers visitors an unparalleled sound and light show set against a backdrop of Christmas magic.

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