Forget London's touristy pubs, which are overrun by tourists, and discover THE (real) London pub where only regulars go.

London wouldn't be London without its pubs! They are part of the city's landscape and part of people's daily lives. When happy hour strikes, Londoners flock to them to relax over a good froth. In all, there are more than 30,000 pubs in the English capital. Among them are some well-known and unmissable addresses, but also more secret and enigmatic places that some Londoners jealously keep to themselves, like Ye Olde Mitre, one of those hidden pubs frequented only by regulars. Head to the Holborn district to discover this London institution!

London's oldest pub.jpg

London's oldest pub.jpg

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A confidential and authentic space

When you arrive at Ye Olde Mitre, tucked away at the end of a small, winding (and almost invisible) alleyway in Holborn, the tone is set. Built in 1546, under the orders of King Henry VIII, it was dedicated to the servants of the bishop of Ely, a town bordering London. This strategic position is said to have served the interests of a number of hoodlums who, seeking to evade the London police, would go to this refuge to escape them. After several ups and downs, it was partly rebuilt in 1772 and renovated in 1930.

Since then, it has remained in its original state, with a retro conservative look that we love - so British! It's also a rather unusual place, since tucked away at the end of a street, it's rather difficult to get to and is frequented exclusively by locals who know the area. Rumour has it that Queen Elizabeth I has visited here on several occasions. And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

The outdoor terrace of the Ye Olde Mitre pub in the Holborn district of London, England.

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Vectors of social cohesion

The pub is a veritable institution in London. This one in particular. Regulars meet up in the evenings after work for a drink and a chat. There's no television here, just lounges and events based around the English favourite drink: beer (of course!).

This authentic venue takes us back in time to 18th century London. You can chat and debate comfortably in one of the cosy lounges with its vintage decor. During the summer months, you can take your drink outside to one of the barrels in front of the pretty facade, which is adorned with wood panelling and flower boxes.

Beers to try

At the bar, the choice is rather vast. Pale Ale, Lager, Guinness and even cider are served on draught. There's something for every palate. The waiters snake around behind the dark wooden counter to serve the fresh beer. And if you're feeling a bit peckish, the restaurant also serves delicious typical dishes with a British twist: toasted club sandwiches, meat pies, London gastronomy is all on the menu.

Practical information

📍 Address: the pub is here (don't tell anyone).

Opening times:

  • Monday to Friday 12pm to 11pm,
  • closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

👛 Prices: from €5.45 (£4.80).

Editor's note

Don't forget to eat early in London! Plan to order before the kitchens close (9.30pm at the latest).


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