"The Queen's favourite tea": which tea room should you choose to follow in Elizabeth II's footsteps?

As we all know, everything that surrounds royalty is condemned to mystery, and the family would lose its lustre if its life were spilled out like an influencer vlog. However, in the course of several interviews with the Queen over the last decade, we have been able to glean some information about the Queen's little habits. Here we reveal everything from her good addresses to her favourite cocktail to have a drink in tribute to Elizabeth (little finger raised).

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The secret of royal tea

The Queen's tea recipe revealed! First of all, Twinings boasts that it is the official supplier to the Royal Palace. As for the type of tea, the Queen has confessed to having a weakness for Earl Grey. Her butler Grant Harrold explained the preparation process in a tweet. Once the tea is hot in the cup, a splash of milk should be added, as the Queen likes, but not before! After that, you don't stir it, you have to go back and forth with the spoon without touching the sides of the container. And most importantly, you don't make that awful hoover noise when you drink your tea! Just swallow silently and in style.

Addresses for a successful royal Tea Time

Despite her Twinings sponsorship, Elizabeth occasionally strayed from the brand to buy from her favourite tea shop, HR Higgings. The establishment, run by the same family for three generations, is located in a quiet street near Oxford Circus. The Queen used to treat herself to tea in the morning, but also in the afternoon during the famous Tea Time. On these occasions, the beverage was accompanied by a small sweet. Once she had chosen her tea, the Queen liked to sample sweets from her favourite chocolatier, Charbonnel et Walker. When it comes to flavours, do as the Queen did - taste everything! Mc Grady, former head chef at Buckingham, confided that he made sure that the Queen's snack changed absolutely every day.

Practical information

📍 Address HR Higgings

HR Higgins opening times: 8am to 5.30pm; Saturdays 8am to 6pm and closed on Sundays.

📍 Address of the Charbonnel and Walker at Buckingham Palace

⏰ O pening hours Charbonnel and Walker: 10am to 6.30pm; Sunday 12pm to 5pm


Elizabeth was not the last to enjoy life's little pleasures! According to Business Insider, the Queen consumed at least four cocktails a day, including one before lunch and one before going to sleep. Her favourite of all was made with gin and Dubonnet, a spice- and herbal-based spirit similar to vermouth. In the end, gin is much more representative of the Queen than tea. To enjoy these cocktails, what better place than Quaglino's, the first restaurant to welcome Elizabeth after her coronation in 1953. The establishment, which opened in 1929, will soon be celebrating its 100th anniversary. The food is surprisingly affordable despite the stature of the place, and you should expect to pay £40 for a three-course menu.

Practical information

📍 Quaglino's address

Quaglino's opening times: 5pm to midnight; Friday and Saturday 12pm to 1am and Sunday 12pm to 6pm.

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