Ouigo continues to offer "cheap" travel with 3 new destinations soon available from Paris

Travelling has never been so easy! Especially now that we know that Ouigo is going to be expanding its range and offering 3 new destinations from Paris. The perfect opportunity to visit France at a lower cost and travel even more!

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Ouigo has the wind in its sails

Thanks to its affordable offer, Ouigo (and its famous pink trains) is becoming increasingly popular with travellers. So much so that new cities, departing fromParis, will be added to the list of destinations served by Ouigo: Brussels, Renne and Bordeaux. So there's plenty to discover and enjoy. The new destinations are due to open in 2024.

Cheaper but slower trains

Far from going as fast as the TGVs, the new Ouigo lines, which are cheaper than the LGVs (Lignes à Grande Vitesse - high-speed lines), are taking the approach of travelling more slowly. An economic advantage, but also a tourist one. We explain!

RikkieBel - Shutterstock. Downtown Rennes

- © RikkieBel / Shutterstock

These three lines will serve intermediate stations, which are sometimes overlooked by TGV lines. Ouigo trains travelling from Paris to Bordeaux will stop at Orléans, Tours, Poitiers and Angoulême, while those travelling to Rennes will stop at Massy, Versailles, Chartres, Le Mans and Laval. This is an opportunity for passengers to visit new French cities.

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