Bring the chalet to you and visit the Top 10 Raclette and Fondue Restaurants in Paris.

It’s almost skiing season and we all know what that means: raclette or fondue night! A great French dish and a must-eat during the cold winter months. If you’re not a cheese enthusiast, we suggest you read elsewhere. However, for those like me who suffer waiting to eat cheese-only for dinner all year long, you’re in for a treat! So, if you are paying a visit to the French capital anytime soon, here are its top 10 raclette and fondue restaurants.

A typical French fondue meal served with white wine.

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1. Terrass’’ Hotel, Montmartre

If you are looking for a romantic night out with your loved one or a nice evening with friends in a particularly elegant setting, then consider sharing a fondue or raclette evening at the Terras’’ Hotel in Paris’ Montmartre neighbourhood. Cosy up in a wooden cabin room with your mates as you sip on some yummy French wine whilst going crazy for the cheesy delights that await you. Fret not if you feel like you’re eating too quickly, chances are the people around you are doing the exact same thing. It’s just too good to resist, isn’t it? To book, click here

2. Pain, Vin, Fromages, Marais

If you are looking for that perfect cabin-like ambiance, Pain, Vin, Fromages offers this on a silver platter. No need for directions, as when you corner this restaurant’s street, you will be overwhelmed with the smell of melting cheese and succulent wine wafting up in the air until its very doorsteps. The warm lighting and cosy atmosphere makes it impossible to resist … or leave! As the name suggests, you will be overwhelmed by the extensive list of choices of French-made bread, wine and cheeses offered by this chalet-like establishment! Perfect for celebrating or catching up with friends and loved ones.

3. Park Hyatt Paris, Place Vendôme

Yet another breathtaking experience is the Park Hyatt Paris and its jolly effort to cosy up an otherwise modern and cold structure. Quickly escape the hustle and bustle of Paris and enter a fairytale-like cottage themed dining room. What better than sitting back, sipping on good wine, eating comforting foods and sharing memories with your loved ones in a more than hospitable environment? Book your table here

4. Chez Monix, Porte Maillot

Just 10 minutes outside of Paris is Chez Monix, an unforgettable winter getaway experience. The particularity of this restaurant is its concept: located outdoors, tables are hosted in old ski gondolas placed amongst nature and Christmas trees! A truly exceptional experience where you and your friends can peacefully huddle up, eat up, and catch up in the comfort of your own space. A true escape! 

5. Quai Ouest 1200, Quai Ouest de la Seine

Welcome to Quai Ouest 1200, the perfect on-Seine experience. Let your everyday worries wash away with the flowing water of the Seine, and enjoy the present moment with jaw dropping delicious foods, including raclette, fondue and tartiflette with a breathtaking view of the city! Fine French cuisine and an elegant yet cosy ambiance, this restaurant is perfect for birthdays or other special occasions. Convinced yet? Book your table here

6. Pavillon Puebla, Buttes Chaumont

Pavillon Puebla: this is the true chalet experience within Paris’ city doors. The wooden structure of the restaurant is exemplary and the inside is as spot on decor-wise as the outside! Wooden benches, deck chairs, floorboards, long farm tables amount to an entirely warm atmosphere. Fool your friends that you have made an impromptu mountain escape as you must share a photo of your irresistible yummy meal on your socials! Moreover, hidden from the city lights, this cocoon of a restaurant embraces the nature that surrounds it. And of course, the classic winter cheese-based dishes await you: from raclette, fondue or tartiflette to boiling potato gratin! Finally, feel free to wander the surrounding park to help digest that heavy meal you have just wolfed down and take in the fresh air on a perfect winter evening. Ideal for children and families! 

7. Rural (Schuss), Palais des Congrès

Rural cuisine hosts haute cuisine and the finest French conditions for a winter meal. If you’re not satisfied with your experience here, then we don’t know what will satisfy your cheesy needs. Created by the gourmet chef Marc Veyrat, this restaurant is renowned as the “city chalet” just outside of the Paris Palais de Congrès. So if you’re looking for a gourmet raclette experience, book your table here

8. Le Chalet Savoyard, 11th arrondissement

Yet another yummy treat, Le Chalet Savoyard. Classic yet contemporary, this restaurant has been hosting raclette nights for the longest time. Safe to say that they are experts! Situated in an animated part of the city (the 11th arrondissement), you are bound to participate in a busy and noisy ambiance, full of laughs and smiles. Enjoy authentic Savoyard cuisine, home of the raclette and other cheesy delights, with local products imported into the city especially for this dining experience. Booking is exclusively done over the phone (00 33 1 48 05 13 13) and we highly recommend you do so ahead of time to avoid larger crowds and an overbooked evening.

9. Il Cottage, 16th arrondissement

Bring the mountain to you and pay a culinary visit to Il Cottage in Paris’ 16th arrondissement. Why go French when you can try Italian for a change? After all, they offer the same tasty feasts: cheese, charcuterie and fine wine! In addition to a beautiful and calm location, the exterior ski style decor is to die for. So what are you waiting for? Book your table here

10. Le Brasier des Ternes, 17th arrondissement

If you’re looking for a safe bet, you have to go with Le Brasier des Ternes. Straight to the point, popular amongst young people and a friendly staff, this establishment guarantees a good time and a great selection of the classic warm French cheese-based dishes (raclette, fondue, tartiflette and croziflette). And an extensive choice of fine French meats and mountain liquors to taste! So if you’re new to the raclette game, this is probably your best way to test out the waters - and in more than an idealistic environment! 

Where to Stay

After all that raclette, you’ll probably be on board for a rest. Here’s our hotel recommendation, conveniently located close to some of the restaurants aforementioned:

Hôtel des Arts Montmartre 4* Paris

Hôtel des Arts Montmartre 4*

Less than 10 minutes from Sacré-Cœur, this 4-star hotel is the ideal base for visiting Montmartre.
9.6 Exceptional
£230 / night
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