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A bustling city, the nerve centre of Europe, located less than 2 hours by train from London, Brussels, the little Belgian capital, is an ideal destination for a weekend out with the family. It's a friendly city, but above all it's human-sized and accessible, with a fascinating culture and a family-friendly gastronomy that's sure to create gourmet memories. Far from being a museum town, Brussels is reinventing itself by offering ever more fun and innovative activities. Mini Europe, the Atomium, the Comic Strip Museum, the Museum of Natural Sciences and many other museums will undoubtedly be of interest to your little ones. As a green capital, the city boasts no less than 8,000 hectares of greenery, including parks, woods and forests, giving you the chance to recharge your batteries on a family outing in the late afternoon! Combining relaxation, culture, discovery and fun, Brussels is a destination of choice if you want to get away for a weekend with the family.

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A tour of the centre of Brussels, a mix of culinary delights and historical visits

Of course, no visit to Brussels is complete without a tour of the majestic Grand-Place. Iconic, it is one of the most beautiful in the world. Surrounded by impressive historic buildings. You can admire the beauty of this square from one of the many cafés or restaurants that line it. A stroll through the cobbled streets of the city's historic centre will reveal many other architectural wonders, such as the majestic Saint-Michel and Sainte-Gudule cathedrals. But don't forget to pass by the Manneken Pis, which fascinates children and adults of all ages. This famous little bronze statue is one of the city's landmarks. During your visit to the extra-centre of Brussels, don't forget to treat your children's sweet tooth (and your own), as you'll find plenty of vendors selling waffles and other sweets.

Waffle in front of Manneken Pis

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Where to stay in a kid-friendly hotel with a family room in Brussels

⭐YOOMA Urban Lodge

YOOMA Urban Lodge Brussels

YOOMA Urban Lodge

Located 0.5 km from Brussels Midi station and 1.3 km from the Grand-Place, the YOOMA Urban Lodge offers private rooms for 2, 4 and 6 people in the world of Franco-Belgian comics in partnership with Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard and Les Schtroumpfs.
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Don't forget to visit the Saint Royales Saint Hubert galleries, a place steeped in history, where you'll enjoy an extraordinary shopping experience. You'll find three shopping passages with magnificent architecture, inspired by Italian palaces: the Queen's Gallery, the King's Gallery and the Princes' Gallery. Renowned jewellers, luxury boutiques, patisseries and chocolate shops await you. Don't forget to treat your little ones to a visit to Dandoy, a Belgian biscuit factory whose speciality is none other than speculoos, a traditional spiced biscuit. A treat for everyone. And don't forget to drop in on the thousand marvels shop, where everyone will be delighted by "la folie des cadeaux" - small objects, cuddly toys, music boxes - enough to make young and old alike dream.

Galeries saint hubert

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The north of Brussels, its Atomium and Mini Europe

A little further away from the city, in the north of Brussels, don't miss the Atomium, one of the city's must-sees. Built for the 1958 Universal Exhibition, the Atomium is now a symbol of the city. Explore its balls and discover its exhibitions. You'll also discover a remarkable view over Brussels. And while the exhibits are interesting, it's the experience itself that remains fascinating, attractive and interesting for younger visitors. Combining a futuristic setting with Belgian history, it's a must-do activity for children.

Brussels Atonium

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If you're looking for a unique family experience, don't miss Mini Europe, just a 5-minute walk from the Atomium, a miniature theme park featuring Europe's most famous monuments and attractions. Without exception, children love this fascinating and surprising visit! Take a stroll through the park and discover 350 emblematic landmarks of the old continent. It's an interactive experience, taking you on a journey to the four corners of Europe through the finest architectural wonders of 27 countries.

Mini-Europe in Brussels

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Special children's museum tour!

👉 Museum of Natural Sciences

With one of the largest collections of dinosaurs in the world, this is undoubtedly one of the best museums in Brussels to awaken your children's scientific and exploratory spirit. It's a fascinating place where young and old alike can discover the diversity of the natural world. With animals, fossils, stone and minerals, children can play at being archaeologists in the making. It's a must-see if you're travelling to Brussels!

👉 Comic Strip Museum

Belgium is the birthplace of many comic strip artists. Tintin, Lucky Luke, the Smurfs or Gaston Lagaf, they are an integral part of parents' childhoods, so this is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the little ones! In an Art Nouveau setting, plunge into the heart of 9th Art, where creativity knows no bounds. Discover original plates and rare objects in a universe that will appeal to adults and children alike!

👉 The children's museum

This museum is aimed at the very young, with the house that houses the museum resembling a children's fairytale. The focus is on self-discovery and discovering the world. It's a space designed for playing, learning and imagining.

👉 Museum of Original Figurines (MOOF)

Another place to delight the whole family, the MOOF takes you on a journey through a private collection of figurines from the world of Belgian comics, American comics and many other surprises. You'll travel through the museum, discovering iconic comic strip characters as figurines, but also as video games, in cinema theatres and so on. It's a visit that will excite all your senses.


Its name says it all, a gourmet museum par excellence, discover the choco story, a museum based around chocolate that lets you discover the secrets behind the making of this cocoa delicacy and, of course, the snack!

Comic Strip Museum

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Discover the city in a different way - follow the comic strip trail!

Brussels is steeped in the Belgian tradition of comics. The story began in 1990, when the city wanted to do something about the large advertising posters that were blighting the city. It was then that the Belgian Comic Strip Centre asked some fifty artists and illustrators to combine art and urban renewal. Over time, the collection grew. Tintin, Spirou, Lucky Luke, Natacha and Corto Maltese are just some of the characters you'll come across on the city's walls! Take your children on a discovery tour of these frescoes, and introduce them to orienteering in a really fun way! A map of the works is available online, so print it out and set off to discover the city with your family.

👉 Map of the comic strip trail

Fresco in Brussels

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Stroll through the city's many parks

Brussels is undeniably a green city. Parks, forests, 8,000 hectares of greenery await you. With 50% of the city made up of green spaces, there's no shortage of places to take a break with your children. Among the most pleasant parks to visit, you won't want to miss the Cinquantenaires, at the foot of the immense palace! But the park where Brussels locals love to meet up with family and friends at the weekend is none other than the Bois de la Cambre. Easily accessible, it is one of the largest parks in the Brussels region. Set out in English style, it looks like a forest even though it's in the heart of the city! You can go for a walk, have a picnic or take a ride in a boat or pedalo.

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Gourmet Brussels!

And what would a trip to Brussels be without sampling the famous Belgian cuisine? From moules-frites and waffles to famous chocolatiers, there's something for everyone. The city's local markets and restaurants offer a variety of choices to satisfy the taste buds of the whole family. For the best fries, turn to small fritkots, and enjoy them on the go. The city centre is full of waffle and ice-cream vendors in summer, so it's time to treat yourself. You should also opt for the small family-run brasseries rather than the restaurants in the crowded city centre streets. For the very best in popular Belgian counter-top cuisine, head for the Fernand-obb Delicatessen institution, where you'll find prepared Americans, croquettes, blood sausage burgers, homemade fricadelle and poulycroc, as well as savoury waffles! Something for all the family!

Famous cornet de frites in Brussels, Belgium

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