3 stations to discover in the Naples metro, one of the most beautiful in Europe

Among the thousands of things to do and see in Naples, there is one activity that may come as a surprise but is not to be ignored: a visit to the city's underground stations! Each station has its own soul and style, but some really stand out for their originality or history. Toledo station comes to mind, once again voted the most beautiful metro station in Europe. But it's not the only one worth checking out... Here are 3 metro stations you absolutely must visit on your next trip to Naples!

Toledo station on the Naples metro.

- © Giannis Papanikos / Shutterstock

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La sation Toledo

Inaugurated in 2012 and designed by Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca, Toledo metro station won the Emirates Leaf international award in 2013 as public building of the year and the ITA (International Tunnelling Association) Oscar for underground works.

William Kentridge's incredible mosaics recounting Mediterranean myths and Neapolitan iconography, Bob Wilson's light boxes with lenticular panels reproducing the waves of the sea, and the brilliance of artist Achille Cevoli, make this station a veritable museum that welcomes hundreds of tourists every year.

Toledo station on the Naples metro.

- © marcobrivio.photography / Shutterstock

At a depth of almost 50 metres, the Toledo station preserves evidence of the ancient city's past, uncovered during excavations: from the earliest Palaeolithic soil (preserved in the National Museum of Naples) to remains from the Aragonese period, restored and integrated into the final Toledo station project.

Where is Toledo station?

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Università station

The Università station is located in an area close to the port of Naples and, as you can easily guess from the name of the stop, close to Federico II University and the University of Naples L'Orientale. The project was created by architect Alessandro Mendini and industrial designer Karim Rashid.

Università underground station in Naples.

- © Nata Sokhrannova / Shutterstock

Modernist and futuristic in character, the 30-metre-deep Università station is now one of the most popular with young Neapolitans and tourists alike. It is characterised by fluorescent colours and psychedelic effects in the wake of two colours: green and fluorescent pink. At the entrance, you are greeted by two works by Rashid, one of which depicts the synaptic intertwining of the brain and will leave you speechless.

A work of art at Università station.

- © lingling7788 / Shutterstock

Where is Università station?

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Municipio station

Alvaro Siza and Eduardo Souto de Moura designed the Municipio - City Hall - metro station, located near Piazza Municipio and not far from Piazza del Plebiscito.

With its simple lines and carved lava stone details, the construction work underwent major changes in planning 27 times due to the discoveries made during the excavations, which gave the city important remains, but which slowed down the completion of the project by a few years.

As a result, Municipio station now looks very much like a museum, with some of the ancient artefacts uncovered during the excavations, including five ships from the Roman era, on display for all to see.

Where is Municipio station?

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