Posillipo, between beauty and romance

Naples is an incredible city, and not just for its artistic and cultural heritage. The Neapolitan capital is full of romantic little spots that are sure to frame your trip. The Posillipo district and the Borgo Marinari are well worth a visit, although they are not particularly popular with tourists. These are must-sees and incredibly charming places to visit.

View from Posillipo hill

View from the hill of Posillipo in Naples

- © Alessandro Tortora / Shutterstock

The district of Posillipo was built on a small hill and has very ancient origins. Pausilypon, as it was called by the Greeks, was already known for its beauty and for the uninterrupted view over the Gulf of Naples. Although sparsely inhabited at the time, Posillipo was a favoured destination for wealthy families and a retreat for young artists in search of inspiration. The green expanses were home to vineyards and gardens and the many villas, which can still be seen today, were majestic and gigantic.

Aerial view of Gaiola beach and island in the Posillipo district

Aerial view of the beach and island of Gaiola in the Posillipo district

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Today, Posillipo is still a beautiful district, suspended in time, where pure air mingles with salty air. Its beaches are much loved by Neapolitans for the purity of the water and the breathtaking views. Here you can follow in the footsteps of Ovid, Virgil and the Greco-Roman myths. Posillipo is also home to the tomb of the poet Jacopo Sannazaro.

Lido delle Monache and Palazzo Donn'Anna

Palazzo Donn'Anna dates back to the seventeenth century and is one of Naples' most famous 'monuments'. The use of the word 'monument' in inverted commas is not without reason: the Palazzo Donn'Anna is still a private residence. The palace was never completed and is now the scene of many legends and mysterious stories told from generation to generation.

Palazzo Donn'Anna historic residence in Posillipo, Naples, Italy

Palazzo Donn'Anna historic residence in Posillipo, Naples, Italy

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Just opposite Palazzo Donn'Anna is a building that hides a secret. The building has a passageway that leads directly to the free Lido delle Monache beach, for a siesta or a swim in the shade of Palazzo Donn'anna.

Practical information

📍 Address: Spiagge delle Monache - Via Posillipo 357

Hours: 8.15am to 5pm

Belvedere of Sant'Antonio in Posillipo

In the Posillipo district, the terrace of Sant'Antonio at Posillipo offers a glimpse of the Gulf of Naples, an ideal setting for winning the hearts of the less romantic. And if during the day the view offers shades of blue and in the evening thousands of lights illuminate the gulf, it is at sunset that you will have the impression of living in the canvas of a painting thanks to the apotheosis of shades, from pink to orange.

Fenestrella de Marechiaro

Marechiaro, a small fishing village, has inspired many poets to write thoughts of love that still accompany young Neapolitan couples. La Fenestrella di Marechiaro is a small window on the sea, where the fishermen's boats and the beauty of the place create a unique atmosphere.

The port of Marechiaro with Vesuvius

The port of Marechiaro in Naples, Italy

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Where to eat in Marechiaro?

You can have lunch at the Fenestella restaurant, one of the most popular with locals for its hearty dishes.

📍 Adress: A Fenestella - Via Marechiaro, 23

Opening times: open Wednesday to Monday, 12.30 to 4pm and 8pm to midnight Closed on Tuesdays

Virgiliano Park

On the Posillipo hill, the Virgiliano park is also known as the lovers' park. This expanse of greenery, where oleanders flourish at the foot of lush maritime pines, overlooks the Gulf of Naples and the Phlegrean Islands. At sunset, when the sun tints the sea orange, time seems to stand still and there is only room for a gentle embrace. Even more romantic...

 Cape Posillipo from Parco Virgiliano.

Cape Posillipo from Virgiliano Park.

- © hegesd / Shutterstock

Where to stay in Posillipo?

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