The Saint-Malo Aquarium

Particularly interesting if you're a fan of the seabed, the Grand Aquarium de Saint-Malo is a must-see, bringing together more than 600 different species, 10,000 fish and 10 different environments that form a unique aquatic universe. Entertaining and educational at the same time, the Aquarium pays particular attention to visitor satisfaction, with an eco-citizen approach and a respect for natural spaces and the well-being of the animals. But it's all the more impressive thanks to its various immersive attractions, which will delight you with the impression of plunging into the heart of the oceans, offering the feeling of being an integral part of a universe to which we normally only have access from much further away.

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Its history

In 1996, Maurice Chichportiche created the Grand Aquarium de Saint-Malo, with the aim of discovery and education at the very heart of the Saint-Malo basin, as he already owned the Intra Muros Aquarium, which had been founded in 1963 by Jean Grivet. In 1999, the aquarium was bought by the Compagnie des Alpes, a leading leisure park operator, and continued to expand its scenography, until it was sold to the Looping group in 2011. Since then, the aquarium has continued to make a name for itself with events such as book signings, grimace and far breton competitions, and beach clean-ups for World Oceans Day.

What to do at the Grand Aquarium

One of the main attractions is undoubtedly the Ring of the Sea, a circular aquarium containing 600,000 litres, and featuring numerous species such as sea turtles, rays and two species of shark. And if you want an even more immersive experience, the Nautibus is a submersible that literally dives into the aquarium for an exceptional thrill. But the aquarium also includes simpler rooms such as the Atlantic room, the Tropical room and the Mediterranean room, each of which showcases ecosystems and species specific to the seas chosen.

Several galleries and exhibitions

Showcasing the greatest possible diversity, the aquarium has 3 rooms with cold and temperate temperatures (the Abyssal room, the Atlantic room and the Mediterranean room), as well as a tropical room and a mangrove room featuring an ecosystem found on tropical coasts, a galleon wreck inhabited by sharks, the touch tank, the shark ring (with seven animals and four different species), and finally the Nautibus, which follows a course with 5,000 fish.

Practical information

📍 Location: The Grand Aquarium is located Avenue du Général Patton in Saint-Malo.

Opening times : The aquarium is open from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

👛 Prices: Admission is €18 for adults, and €13 for children aged 4 to 12. You can also take advantage of an annual pass at €40 for an adult and €30 for a child, as well as discovering behind the scenes of this incredible space by becoming a soigneur for a day for €80.

🚌 How do I get there?

From Saint-Malo Intra Muros, the Grand Aquarium is around 15 minutes by car, a short hour on foot, and half an hour by bus, so any way you want to visit is fine - just head south of the city towards the La Madeleine district.

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