Top 5 things to do in summer with children in Val d'Isère

Val d'Isère is a must-see destination for winter sports fans, but did you know that it also offers a multitude of activities for children in summer? If you're looking for ideas for a family holiday, here are five original and fun activities to do with your children in Val d'Isère. The adventure course gives budding climbers the chance to challenge themselves by crossing monkey bridges, zip lines and other obstacles in the trees. The slackline is ideal for practising balance while having fun. Puzzlers can try their hand at an outdoor escape game in augmented reality to solve a thrilling investigation. For those who prefer two wheels, an introduction to bike trials is a unique and fun experience, allowing children to discover the mountains from a new angle. Finally, the family hike around Lac de l'Ouillette is a pleasant and easy walk, offering magnificent panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. With these five activities, your children won't be bored for a second in Val d'Isère, and you'll be creating unforgettable family memories in Val d'Isère.

Children on an adventure course

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An adventure course for tree-climbers

From the age of 4 upwards, an adventure course is a fun and sporting outdoor activity to share with the whole family. Children can develop their balance as well as their self-confidence. The little ones may be discovering this activity for the first time, while the older ones can try their hand at vertiginous challenges on the black pistes.

Of course, children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult, and minors over 14 need parental authorisation.

This activity at Val'Aventure takes 3 hours and you can choose between 5 different courses, depending on the level and age of your children.

The Pitchoune course :

An itinerary specially designed for children over one metre tall and/or 4 years old has been set up to give them an experience similar to that of adults! Equipped with a harness and a secure belay system, the youngest will be able to discover the pleasures of the adventure course.

The Discovery and Discovery + courses:

The two Discovery and Discovery + courses are suitable for children aged 6 and over and/or measuring more than 1m20. They provide an excellent gentle introduction, with a gradual rise in altitude and sliding equipment to ensure a fun experience.

The Adventure Course:

For children over 1m30, they'll have access to the blue course! With a higher elevation and more complex challenges, this intermediate course is accessible to all, but requires a dose of courage and a willingness to take on extra challenges. From Tarzan vines to nets and zip lines, the activities on offer promise to provide some intense fun!

The Sensation course :

For children over 1m40 tall, the red course is a guaranteed thrill! From the raised platforms, adventurers have a breathtaking view of the surrounding forest. The tightrope workshop requires a certain amount of skill to master, while the jump into the void from the end of a liana requires a bit of courage.

Thrills are guaranteed on this course reserved for the most intrepid!

If you want to relax after a good session on the adventure course, you can take advantage of the lovely terrace and picnic tables.

Practical information

Opening times :

The Val'Aventure course is open from the end of June to the end of August from 10am to 7pm and unlike the winter season, there is no need to book.

🚌 Access:

To access the course, which is just above the snow front toboggan run, you'll need to walk up the Savonnette piste for 5 minutes following the red banner.

👛 Prices:

Prices vary according to the height of participants.

Between 1m and 1m20: €12

Between 1m20 and 1m40: €20

Over 1m40: €25

Try out the slackline to work on your balance

A slackline is an elastic strap that allows anyone to play tightrope walker.

Held by a parent's hand, children can easily try their hand at this unusual activity.

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It's accessible to children who have already learnt to walk, and teaches them patience and perseverance, as it's not an easy activity from the first try.

This activity is available free of charge at the Parc des Sports du Centre, every day from the end of June to the end of August.

Solve the riddle in an outdoor escape game

Immerse yourself in a captivating fantasy world with the Adventure of the Magic Portal, an outdoor augmented reality escape game that promises an unforgettable experience for all the family.

Designed for children aged 6 and over, this outdoor quest is an experience packed with challenges and puzzles that lasts between 1h30 and 2 hours, depending on the route you choose. You'll be tasked with finding magical crystals to help an elf on his mission to save the world. Will you be able to close the magic portal before the trolls invade?

Thanks to augmented reality, 3D characters blend into your real environment for total immersion. Children will love interacting with them, opening chests and foiling traps.

To accompany you on your adventure, you'll be given an adventurer's bag and a tablet at the start of the game.

Price :

The price is €60 for two players and €80 for three to five players.

Online booking:

Introduction to bike trials

Bike trials is a discipline open to cyclists aged 7 and over. It involves performing acrobatic tricks over natural or man-made obstacles such as rocks, beams or pallets.

Unlike other cycling disciplines, the aim is not to cover a distance or finish a race first, but rather to demonstrate great agility, impeccable technique and concentration. Trials cyclists have to show great skill in maintaining their balance while jumping, climbing and descending with their bikes.

Trial bike obstacle clearance

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Practical information

You can try bike trials on the La Daille plain.

This activity is open in July and August from Sunday to Friday, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.

Booking is essential on 04 79 04 26 01 or 06 87 80 81 07.

👛 Prices :

One-hour initiation with bike hire: €15, €11 without hire.

Family outings

For an easy and sublime hike in Val d'isère, the Tour du lac de l'Ouillette is ideal for a family day out.

Accessible free of charge via the Solaise gondola, the 45-minute walk around the lake is perfect for families with picnics and trout fishing. The panorama is exceptional, and this is a hike not to be missed in Val d'Isère.

Where to stay in Val d'Isère with your family?

4* Residence Pierre & Vacances Les Balcons De Bellevarde Val d'Isère

4* Residence Pierre & Vacances Les Balcons De Bellevarde

The residence is located in the hamlet of La Daille in the Val d'Isère Tignes ski resort. It is just 100 metres from the ski slopes.
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