Explore the Kreuzberg district, the trendiest neighbourhood in Berlin

Today, the Kreuzberg district located in the central-east part of Berlin is a vibrant and diverse community, home to a multitude of immigrant families, both long-established and newly arrived. However, amidst this inclusivity, a paradoxical mix emerges, as Kreuzberg also boasts an upmarket character, with chic bars and opulent lofts. Over a century ago, Kreuzberg was created to provide shelter for the poorest members of society, including migrants from regions such as Poland and former East German provinces such as Silesia. They were looking for work in the booming capital of the new Reich. Nowadays, according to the locals of Kreuzberg, this district isn't only the trendiest in Berlin; it also holds the title of the most fashionable spot in the entire universe. Kreuzberg has garnered a longstanding reputation for its rich tapestry of cultures, its penchant for unconventional and experimental ways of living, and its magnetic allure that captivates youth from all corners of Germany and the world. So go and explore this unique Berlin district!

Le quartier de Kreuzberg.

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The District’s history

The history of Kreuzberg dates back to the 19th century, when it was originally a working-class district. It owes its name to the Kreuzberg hill, located in the Viktoriapark park and home to a national monument. The district was at the centre of West Berlin during the Cold War and was separated from East Berlin by the Berlin Wall. During the 1970s and 1980s, Kreuzberg gained a reputation as a centre for alternative living, counter-culture movements and the arts. It was a hotspot for political activism, and the squatters' movement played an important role in shaping the district's identity. In recent years, Kreuzberg has become increasingly gentrified, with high-end boutiques, modern flats and upmarket restaurants popping up alongside traditional establishments. This development has given rise to debates about preserving the district's authentic identity.

Le quartier de Kreuzberg.

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Interesting Facts about the Kreuzberg District

A hub for arts

Kreuzberg is renowned for its bustling street art. The East Side Gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall covered in murals, is a major attraction. In addition, David Bowie lived and worked in Kreuzberg during his Berlin years in the late 1970s. His album "Heroes" was partly recorded in the nearby Hansa Studios.

East Side Gallery

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Former No Man's Land

During the division of Berlin by the Wall, Kreuzberg was a neighbourhood located in West Berlin but entirely surrounded by the Berlin Wall on three sides, making it an isolated enclave within East Germany.

Berlin Wall

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Practical information about your visit

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How to get to the Brandenburg Gate?

By car: 

  • If you prefer driving, you can rent a car or use a taxi service to get to the Brandenburg Gate. But, keep in mind that traffic and parking might be challenging. 

By bus: 

  • Berlin has an extensive public transportation network, including buses! You can take a bus to go from your accommodation to the Kreuzberg district. 

By subway: 

The subway (U-Bahn) in Berlin can take you to the Kreuzberg district.

Some things to keep in mind for your visit

  • The Kreuzberg district is full of bars and restaurants. Our favourite restaurant is Max & Moritz in the neighbourhood.
  • Make sure to bring a fully charged camera or phone to take pictures of this beautiful neighbourhood! 
by Faustine PEREZ
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