Three days to discover Berlin's charm through its street art

A globally renowned destination, Berlin is a major European capital that is famous for its grandiose landmarks and its heavy history.

Berlin is a perfect city for a culture-packed European weekend getaway. The German capital is known for its magnificent and impressive street art that is spread all across the city. What better way to discover Berlinese culture than to follow the city’s labyrinth of art and therefore get to explore different neighbourhoods and see some of the city's most famous monuments. We would argue there’s no better way to get a sense of the essence of Berlin as this allows you to wrap your head around its culture, history, people and architecture.

Getting to Berlin is easy, no matter what your starting point is. Whether you want to drive, take a train or even hop on a flight, the city is easily accessible, making it a great weekend destination.

Street art on the Berlin Wall.

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Day 1: Exploring the Kreuzberg district

Street art in the Kreuzberg District

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Exploring Berlin's lively Kreuzberg district is a captivating journey that reveals a kaleidoscope of artistic expression through the diversity of street art. Walk along the cobbled streets and find yourself immersed in a living gallery where creativity knows no bounds. This vibrant, eclectic district is alive with the energy of a rebellious spirit, historical significance and modern innovation. Every street corner and wall is adorned with graffiti, murals that tell a unique story, whether it's a political statement, a tribute to multiculturalism or an explosion of abstract colour so take your time to walk at your own pace, letting yourself be guided by the art that surrounds you. The art reflects Kreuzberg's dynamic identity and ever-changing nature. As explorers venture into the heart of the district, they become part of a narrative that bridges past and present, tradition and revolution, while embracing the power of visual storytelling that flourishes in Kreuzberg's street art scene.

Street art in the Kreuzberg District

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All that walking is bound to leave you hungry and some of our neighbourhood favourites include the Amrit Kreuzberg restaurant for a delightful lunch and the Volt restaurant for a filling dinner. Both restaurants offer excellent food, the Amrit restaurant is known for its excellent Indian food and the Volt restaurant is renowned for its old and modern German cuisine. Go and try these incredible meals. 

Where are you checking into?

For this three day getaway, we thought it would be perfect to base yourself in the Kreuzberg district, a neighbourhood full of street art. 

We really love the Hotel Johann for that modern and simple ambiance. This hotel located in the Kreuzberg district provides visitors with a great access to the neighbourhood and to its beautiful street art. 

Hotel Johann Berlin

Hotel Johann

This hotel located in the Kreuzberg district provides visitors with a great access to the neighbourhood and to its beautiful street art.
£95 /night

Day 2: Head to the East Side Gallery and go discover the Friedrichshain district

The East Side Gallery's "Socialist Brotherly Kiss".

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After a good breakfast at the hotel, head to Berlin's iconic East Side Gallery. Walking along the remains of the Berlin Wall, now adorned with an impressive array of murals and graffiti, you feel a tangible link to the city's tumultuous past. The East Side Gallery is both a poignant testament to the division of a nation and a celebration of unity and freedom. Walking alongside the largest open air gallery in the world you will be able to see famous paintings such as Dmitri Vrubel's "Brotherly Kiss".

The East Side Gallery

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For lunch head to L’Osteria and enjoy their astonishing Italian meals. Then, in the afternoon you can go eat and explore the bustling Friedrichshain district. Cobbled streets lead to hidden gems, quirky cafés, lively markets and a vibrant art scene that flourishes amidst historic architecture. The district's bohemian atmosphere is palpable, attracting the creative types, students and free spirits who contribute to its vibrancy. Visitors are drawn to a tapestry of diverse cultures, vibrant street life and a sense of community that define Friedrichshain, making it a place where the echoes of history blend harmoniously with the rhythms of modern Berlin. Stay in the neighbourhood to eat dinner at the amazing Speisehaus restaurant and enjoy their delightful homemade meals!

Berlin's Friedrichshain district.

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Day 3: Visit the Mitte district

Street art on a building’s facade in the Mitte District

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Exploring Berlin's Mitte district is an exhilarating journey to the heart of creativity and urban expression. Strolling through its bustling streets is like embarking on an open-air art gallery, with fascinating street art adorning the walls around every corner. The district's walls serve as a canvas for local and international artists, presenting a captivating mix of styles, messages and perspectives. The artistic narratives revealed by the murals offer a glimpse into the city's cultural evolution and social dynamics.

The Mitte district is not only a feast for the eyes thanks to its street art, but also for the taste buds thanks to a varied culinary scene that perfectly complements the district's creative atmosphere. For a delicious culinary experience in this artistic haven, we recommend heading to Nante-Eck for a spot of lunch in a traditional setting. This rustic restaurant will take you on a culinary and historical journey into the days of old Berlin and allow you to discover the best of traditional German cuisine. For dinner, the Schnitzelei Mitte restaurant is an outstanding choice, introducing you to some modern adaptation of German traditional recipes. 

Pro tip: The Mitte district is also home to some of the most famous landmarks of Berlin such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust Memorial. While you’re there, why not take this opportunity to go and explore them! 

by Faustine PEREZ
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