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Travel for less: find out how to save money on your transport costs!

Getting around for less

Without having to go to extremes, there are a number of tricks to travelling more freely for less, all while meeting new people along the way. You will find an exhaustive range in this file of all the cost-saving travel solutions available for finding accommodations at the lowest prices.


Carsharing is the communal and organised use of a car by a non-professional driver and one or more passengers, with the purpose of making the same trip. It allows the driver to save on the cost of fuel and maintenance and reduces the number of cars on the roads, thereby creating less pollution.
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Not exactly the most cost-effective solution, but this does depend on the country you are in and on the currency. We advise against it in the large capitals of the modernised world, but find it very affordable and easy to use in developing countries.
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Many formulas are available in the world of rail travel, such as the Inter-Rail pass, which allows you to travel at your leisure for a flat fee (calculated on a fixed number of travel days). Are you less than 26? This means you have the right to an additional reduction! £140 will give you at least 5 days of unlimited travel over a period of 10 days. Consider purchasing a railcard, which offers some great reductions and gives you exclusive discounts across the UK.
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Prague for £54; it's certainly worth thinking about! (Eurolines, among others). However, you will need to have a lot of free time since the trip is generally pretty long (20h for London-Prague). Almost every destination is possible, from Northern Europe all the way to Asia.
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Shuttle buses

This is the cheapest way of getting from the airport to the city centre or seaside resort. They can transfer between 20 and 60 passengers and generally circulate every 10-20 minutes. Keep in mind that more and more hotels are also offering this service to their guests upon arrival (either for free or for a charge).
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Was at its peak in the 70s, but is not very widespread nowadays. It is not recommended in numerous countries for safety reasons and should really only be done if your vehicle breaks down or if you are out of money.
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Cheap Car Hire

Hiring a car is a service which allows customers to benefit from the freedom of having a vehicle for a given period, ranging from a few hours to several months. Today, many flexible solutions are available, allowing you to significantly reduce your travel costs.
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