Mind your wallet: to combat overtourism, Amsterdam is increasing its tourist tax yet again!

The war against over-tourism and its excesses continues in Amsterdam. While the city has already taken a number of measures to protect the city and its quality of life, it is continuing its fight by voting to increase the tourist tax. Amsterdam already has the highest tourist tax in Europe, so how much more will tourists have to pay to visit the city?

The charm of Amsterdam's canals

The charm of Amsterdam's canals

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How much does the Amsterdam tourist tax cost?

Amsterdam has been fighting mass tourism for years. After banning the opening of new souvenir shops in 2017 and moving the famous "I Amsterdam" structure in 2018, Amsterdam increased its tourist tax, to the point where it became the highest in Europe.

It came into effect on 1 January 2020 and has since significantly increased the holiday budget of many tourists. Since then, travellers have had to pay an extra £3 per night, plus 7% of the room rate.

Hotel CC 3* - Amsterdam Amsterdam

Hotel CC 3* - Amsterdam

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£140 / night

To make things clearer, let's imagine that a couple book a room at a price of 130 pounds for one night. Adding the 7% tourist tax, i.e. 9.10 pounds, the price rises to 139.10 pounds, to which must now be added 3 pounds per night per person, i.e. 6 pounds. In the end, the couple will pay 145.10 pounds per night.

If the couple had stayed at this hotel for 5 nights, they would have had to add the sum of 39.10 pounds to the total price of their stay, i.e. 9.10 pounds in tourist tax, plus 30 pounds corresponding to the 3 pounds per night per person. This sum should be taken into account when booking your accommodation, as you will have to pay it on arrival.

Hotel Van Gogh 3* - Amsterdam Amsterdam

Hotel Van Gogh 3* - Amsterdam

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Why such a high tourist tax?

The Amsterdam City Council has issued a statement on the subject, stating it does "not to discourage tourists from coming to Amsterdam, but to make them contribute more to the high costs involved in keeping the city safe, clean and decent".

For many years now, the city of Amsterdam has been taking drastic measures not to eradicate, but to improve tourism within the city. This is being achieved through a number of projects aimed at making the city a more pleasant place to live for tourists and residents alike.

Airbnb, also concerned

The competing brand that is overshadowing hotels is not being ignored. Airbnb is also affected by this increase. The already existential tax has been increased by 10%.

Hotel Mercier Amsterdam

Hotel Mercier

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The city was already one of the most expensive capitals in Europe to visit on holiday, so it's fair to wonder whether this increase in the tourist tax might not disincentivise tourists who would like to discover Amsterdam's canals, its red light district and its museums such as the famous Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum.

If you're not put off by this tax, check out the best hotels in Amsterdam's Jordaan district!

by Faustine PEREZ
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